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  • Design Concept

    When the Portland Opera approached us they did not have brand. Instead, they only had a logo and some examples of collateral they had created in previous years. With that in mind, I created a brand questionnaire to help establish a brand standard to build the site upon.

    Based on the responses of the questionnaire, I began research by scouring for design inspiration. After gathering about fifty different images and following several leads, a clear concept presented itself.

  • The selected concept follows a theme of balance. This concept fits perfectly with the goal to provide entertainment to a new generation whilst still catering to their veteran art patrons. The theme follows a balance between light and dark, a balance between crescendo and decrescendo and most importantly a balance between contemporary and classic.

    Additionally, the selected inspiration images provided a visual aid of repetition and flow, seen in the chairs and layout inspiration seen in the traditional theatre ticket.