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  • Brand Identity

    Using the motto as a starting point, I began by brainstorming connection, music and human interaction. What developed was a logo that invokes a pulse. This pulse is the heart beat of Voicebox—the constant thread that connects the people that attend.

  • The wordmark also demonstrates the human connection by creating ligatures commonly found in handwriting. Additionally the logo, is remininscant of the previous logo of Voicebox as a nod of respect. Lastly, subtly within the logo is the outline of a 3D box. This is another nod to the act of singing in a box with your friends.

  • Web Design

  • With people at the heart of the company, photography became very important in the site design. The goal was to show users that it is very easy to imagine yourself at Voicebox. Even though the site is not responsive due to budget constraints, the site was designed with responsive in mind.

  • Brand Guidelines